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Wednesday, November 8

Adam Idris Set to Release Love Reincarnation Ep on The 7th Of February 2018

adam idris private play
adam idris love reincarnation
upcoming star singer/songwriter Adam Idris  has set to release Love reincarnation ep by the start of the new year on the 7th of February 2018 .in this love reincarnation ep you get to listen and enjoy a collection of three tracks.
these tracks are
1- Private play 
2- Oh la la 
3- I feel a lone.
Love reincarnation ep focus around life, love,stay close to family, rekindle relationship and reminiscing the good time you had with good people you know. you can pre order Love reincarnation ep on google play and Itunes by visiting the links below

Wednesday, November 1


Singer-songwriter Adam Idris announced (love reincarnation e.p) this e.p include three tracks P.P, Oh la la and I feel alone. it is expected to be released by the start of 2018. now you can stream other music tracks and music videos #adamidrismusic.
oh la la, p.p and I feel alone

Tuesday, September 19

Adam Idris - Break Through Music Video

break through on google play adam idris
Adam idris break through music video
Break through is new single not only focus on life, struggle and being authentic but it is also braggadocious to greater extend . Adam Idris delves in deeper into being humbleness and not change for the worth because money mean nothing without family, friends and people you surround with so , that's why this single is unique to huge extend and I think everyone has similar story to this single (Break Through)
You can Get Break Through on google play here

Tuesday, August 29


After a successful long year and firm preparation, singer-songwriter Adam Idrisurges you to explore his recently uncommon, dark and love-like single release,"Count on Me- it centred around finding love, abandoning low life, the power of believing in yourself, and empowers each one of us to change for the better. 

On this single release, fans will discover an astonishing texture of stories that portrayed darkness, Sadness, sex, struggle and trust. Adam Idris once again has proved that his sublime, pharaonic music talent should never go unnoticed as he has limitless flair, unchained melody and amorous lyrics. It would make anyone want to jam, snuggle and huddle. Like cross-country car rides, quiet libraries, fantasies like the ends of phone calls and the beginnings of a cosy night.
"Count on me" is now available on all streaming music platforms, Google playITUNESSpotify etc. Should go get it!
You can also get to know singer-songwriter Adam Idris’ mysterious life by visiting these sites below and can watch other music videos by him:

Monday, August 28

Adam Idris - I'm Incarcerated Music Video

adam idris singer adamidrismusic
Singer-songwriter Adam Idris released I'm incarcerated music video.
this song focus on struggle, hope and finding key to success as Adam idris mentioned in the verses of the song would like  an answer to this life's struggle and misery. the song chorus is simple and catchy but it is powerful to listen to as adam idris vocal is completely magnificent.  now do you have a life struggle or misery? watch Adam idris I'm incarcerated {music video}


Sunday, July 23

Adam idris - Power Hungry

Singer songwriter Adam idris released new single dubbed 'Power Hungry'.
The single focuses on power, money and fame as Idris says clearly in the chorus of the song: "I know my people know me, I'mma power hungry'. 
We all love to have power and money, so click on this link below and let the music do the talking.

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